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Shoes Are My life



As a little girl growing up in Italy, I was completely obsessed with shoes. My mother tells the story of how, at age four, I was dragging her to all the shoe boutiques in Torino...Shoes have been my life for as long as I can remember. After studying footwear design, I went on to design shoes for many fashion houses including Juicy Couture, Donna Karan and Alice & Olivia. Today, my home is New York. I am a mother, a wife, and entrepreneur. I’ve been designing footwear for 25’s time to make the shoes I’ve always wanted to wear.


I know a guy



How often do you hear someone say they ‘know a guy’? Everyone claims they have special relationships with their Italian factories. But let’s be clear – there’s special, and there’s special. My dear friends are the most esteemed shoe manufacturers in Firenze. While dreaming up SCLARANDIS, I described my new plans to them over breakfast. By evening aperitifs, we’d struck up a deal to make my shoes. It’s good to have friends in the best places.




We make big sacrifices to look fabulous in skyscraper heels. Sacrifices to our health, our mobility, our comfort and our bank accounts. You owe yourself better. I created my namesake label around this simple idea: The perfect pair should fit you and fit everything you do. Better shoes, at better prices. There’s no great secret. We work hand-in-hand with our shoemakers; from stitching the uppers to impeccably packaging them. You never spend outrageous amounts for that luxury.


Try them on



From picking up your kids, to walking confidently into a meeting, to chasing down cabs, to feeling fabulous at a dinner party... I want my shoes to make every day better. Timeless, feminine shoes of uncompromising quality, that actually work with your life – not against it. Our shoes look great in pictures. And because you can actually do everything in them, you look great. Trust me. Do yourself a favor. Try them on.

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